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Arr baby.


Screw the Valentine’s Day hype; February 12 is Darwin Day. Mark your calendars.

In the same theme, how cool is this: the Beagle Project. The hope is to build a replica of the Beagle, the ship that bore a young Darwin around the world and thus birthed modern biology, and then launch said replica on a science-and-education laden mirror voyage by Darwin’s 200th, two years from now. You know I like biology and am, in fact, planning to dedicate my professional life to the topic. I also adore tallships. I’m looking to try and volunteer on Lady Washington this summer, and I’ve done enough book research to know my square-rigged from my fore-and-aft-rigged and my mizzenmast from my mainmast (thanks Dan– and just so you know, that book is the end-all reference on pirate life and is thus awesome). If the opportunity arises, I will apply to go on this journey, as by that point I’ll have both bachelors and hopefully some actual tallship crew experience. I know my chances are slim to none but hell, if I didn’t try I’d beat myself up for all eternity with regret.

But wait! This is a crafty blog! What is the crafty link in all this rambling? Why, that comes from the glorious MissPrism: make and sell stuff for the Beagle Project! I’m alight with fiery ideas of doom already. The trick will be finding the time.

I’ll leave you with a quick knitting update re: the sacrifice to the gods of Spring.


I don’t have much further to go on this set, and I’m excited. Expect a FO post in the next few days with analysis of the project, and the next project in line.

Let's just pretend they're finished, okay?
Let’s just pretend they’re finished, okay?
Less than a half an inch from the end.

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