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Unexpected Troubles


I had a whole post prepared here, but then my Tigger started having issues. He’s spending the night at the vet hospital, under observation. Hopefully he’ll be okay (it’s some kind of urinary blockage, which is common -and dangerous- in male neutered cats), but he’s almost 17, so even a minor infection (much less the sort of issue that nearly killed him around ten years ago) can be tricky.

The vet says he’s looking damn good for 17, but still. Tricky.

I’m only 21, and I got him as a kitten. He’s been with me my whole life, and he sleeps with me every night. If he gets up and wanders off I’ll wake up. I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight.

It’s costly too. I don’t care what it costs- Tigger before tuition, Tigger before food- but I am a student and it pinches. I don’t even know if anyone’s reading this thing, and feel horrible putting out a charity call, but Tigger’s more important than my pride too. So here goes: over to the right there’s a link to my etsy store. If you see something there you like, please consider buying it. And if you have a male neutered cat who suddenly has issues urinating, please keep in mind that it doesn’t take long for a UTI to go life-threatening for them.

So, that’s why no post with crafty content. I’ve got pictures taken, but my heart just isn’t in it tonight. I’ve got my kitty to worry about. The craftiness will return soon, though, I promise.

ETA: He was successfully sedated and a catheter inserted and it’s looking like he’ll be okay. The problem is, he has to remain under a vet’s watchful eye and care until his kidney counts return to normal- an undetermined amount of time. With the sedation and emergency care his bill for tonight exceeds $800. Gods only know how long he’ll have to be watched and what those bills will come to. I keep about $1000 cached away for emergencies, but he’s burning through that fast. Worse, I’ve never dealt with a UTI in a cat without reoccurrence within a month or two. Ergo, I’m plugging the etsy store and this post to anyone who will listen, friend or stranger. If it works, I’ll tear through my various stashes and add much, much more to the etsy store.

I feel shamed. I do not want to ask the internet for charity, particularly when I’m so new to this blog. I am the sort that does not easily ask for help. However, Tigger comes before my pride the same way he comes before food and tuition. Besides, I can’t sleep and I have to do something to keep from gnawing my nails off.

Whatever readers I may be attracting: I swear this will not be normal blog behavior. This blog is supposed to be happy and full of creativity, a place to play and a place to record my own progress on personal projects, not a morose and needy place to beg. Love comes first though. Love always comes first, by definition.

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