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I promised craft blogging.


Back to Normal
Back to Normal

Tigger’s favorite daytime napping spot is me. We both have had a rather stressful end to the week, so after I dropped a stack of etsy sales into the mail it was collective futon naptime.

Periodically I have days wherein I swear my muse suffers a terrible and strange accident and takes whatever skill I have with her. Every stitch I knit is wonky in a way that leaves me unsatisfied, everything I draw is deformed in a way that could never be mistaken for ‘style’, every seam I sew is a garment-destroying disaster (and you don’t want to know what happens to my class work). Worse yet, on these days when no art will bend to my will, when my hands are either all thumbs or no thumbs at all, when my artistic eye has gone myopic, I still feel the need to create something. Anything.

I can’t be the only one that gets days like that, can I? I consider it the creative equivalent of the days when all you want is chocolate and fire-breathing bulls could not drag you to the gym.

On days like this I make one of three things: earrings, ear wraps, or kilt pins. It’s a good solution. They require no real skill (other than opposable thumbs and the ability to keep my fingers from between the heavy jaws of the wire cutters). They utilize the bead and finding bric-a-brac that always remains after larger projects. They take little commitment -I can pull off some damn shiny earrings in less than ten minutes if I want to keep it simple- and not much in the way of thought. Best of all, they are formulaic projects. I find nifty things and attach them together. If there are not enough nifty things, I add more. If there are too many nifty things, I chop them off. Eventually, I decide my project is appropriately shiny and declare it a success. A blind monkey could make jewelry this way, particularly given access to the vast stores of nifty things I have built up over the years.

This does tend to leave me with a large stockpile of earrings, ear wraps and kilt pins stashed away to eventually be sold. This is the stash that is now making its way onto my etsy store to help with Tigger’s vet bill. Today, we get to look at the kilt pins (most of which I made earlier this week, before the vet issues, when one of those dead-muse days hit).


Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory! I love this one. I’ve been debating whether I can part with it- and if it weren’t for Tigger’s sake, the answer would be no. I scored an old Clue game at the thrift store after watching for it (and Monopoly and Scrabble) for over a year, just to make something out of the game pieces. I hope someday to turn the game board into a hand-bound book as well.

I haven’t figured out what to do with the lead pipe. Any suggestions?


Tis the season.


Buttons are another thing I’ve picked up in swaps and at thrift stores. I am unusually excited by the idea of using buttons for things which do not actually button.


To name this one, I googled “Copper Mine”. I do very much like the look of the copper and silver chains with the bright teal beads, but I’m not sure if the piece is quite finished. Something seems off-balance or incomplete, and I can’t put my finger on what.

Ah well. I’ll figure it out someday. I think I’m getting better at taking pictures on a clean background, at least. You’ll never guess what I actually use for the background of my pictures.

You know what else is good for those days? Kitties. And chocolate (I think chocolate is good for every day), but mostly kitties. Ergo I present you with another kitty picture, to end things nicely. I gave him antibiotic pill #1 for the day this morning, and then a dose of painkillers later when I noticed him waddling around like someone had kicked him in the crotch. Now it’s time for antibiotic pill #2. I never thought I’d be so happy to pill a cat.

Mmm, Pillow
Mmm, Pillow

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