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Stash Enhancement


Before poor Tigger was beset with a host of rather impolite bacterium, I found myself with that rarest of college resources: a little extra cash. Being a knitterly sort of soul, I funneled said resource into stash enhancement. The package arrived days before the whole emergency veterinary hospital ker-splooey, and while I considered returning it, there are many good arguments against such a course of action. So! This, after much deliberation, is my first go with Knitpicks (and my last stash enhancement before embarking on a full-scale no-holds-barred Stash Diet-with-a-capitol-S-and-D). Now I’m one of those often-formulaic knitters who only buys yarn with a project for said yarn already firmly in mind, and this shipment is no exception. Every ball has an ordained purpose, including the four that I sent in to be exchanged due to color issues (more on that later- aren’t you just quivering in anticipation?). Can you guess what pattern goes to which project? Hint: with the exception of one very simple project I plan to design myself, every pattern is hiding in the Knit/Crochet resources list linked to over there on the right.

Behold, delicious yarn porn:

Whatever would I make with such colors?
Whatever would I make with such colors?

Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. It’s not as soft a wool as their Merino Style (which is to be expected), but will serve my purposes wonderfully. I love how vibrant the colors are. This one is destined for my own tiny no-pattern project. It is not a new concept sort of project- I have seen this idea executed repeatedly in the past- but it’s something I’ve wanted since before I knew how to hold a knitting needle. And it’ll be quick. And easy. This yarn is intended for quick gratification knitting.

Cream and Purple makes... ?
Cream and Purple makes… ?

Knitpicks Palette. I like this color combination and am excited to see how good it looks knitted up into the intended project (of mystery!!1!eleventy!).

Enough blue for something big.
Enough blue for something big-ish.

Knitpicks Shine, which is a cotton blend. I really like the feel of it- very smooth and soft.

These colors make me think
These colors make me think of ice.

For a hint: two of these little yarn piles, including the one directly above, are destined to warm my hands. This has been a chilly sort of winter, the sort that so overwhelms with its unrelenting winter-ness that by February you are no longer capable of even imagining an end to the windshield-scraping snow-shoveling drift-slogging agony. It is not necessarily a bad winter -I have seen bigger blizzards- so much as a horrifically persistent one, a kind of chronic misery. Of course, I must admit I’m a bit biased- with the exception of skiing, I’ve always considered myself a creature of the heat. The point is that this persistent winter has gifted me a persistent fascination with knitting things to keep my hands warm, and that persistent fascination played a definite role in this order- I may even change around the part I’m designing to account for my cold little hands.

Aside from how to clean drool off of a stack of delicious, delicious yarn (is it porn when it’s in your stash-box?) my biggest dilemma is choosing what to knit first. I went for a number of small projects on purpose, because I wanted to try out a variety of Knitpick’s options on the cheap- though there is a photo missing from that set. Merino Style, four balls in black, not photographed because the corresponding four balls of Strawberry were much more orange than I was prepared for (though all the OTHER colors matched their website pictures perfectly on my monitor and various other monitors- Merino Style’s Strawberry is just an stubborn little color to display properly, it seems) and thus I decided to exchange them.

My wisest move, the responsible crafter move, would likely be to finish up the two projects I’ve got languishing on the needles/hook before embarking on any new yarn adventure. I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold to this- the mind is willing but the flesh is weak- but I will try. I’m going to focus on the crochet part first, because it’s smaller and does not require I figure out where in the bloody hell my fifth size 8 DPN disappeared to. Behold, a work in progress!

This is a hat.  Really.
This is a hat. Really.

This is Sassy A, another pattern I’ve linked to on the little list on the right I keep poking you with. It’s from Dot, who offers up the patterns for a multitude of glorious crocheted hats on her webpage and whose style you might recognize from a hat in Stitch n Bitch: The Happy Hooker. I think it is the sort of hat with which I could actually pull off the sassy look, and am thus quite excited to finish it. It’s also a milestone in and of itself: my first crochet project. Wish me luck!

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