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I’ve seen better days.


Foggy Morning
Foggy Morning

It began last night, when whatever bastard bacillus is holding poor Tigger’s bladder hostage peeked out, realized the seven-day antibiotic siege was over and consequently decided to throw a counter-siege. Though in pain, my poor besieged kitty wasn’t blocked, so I drugged away his misery in order to avoid another trip to the emergency clinic. I am a paranoid cat owner, and though (once properly medicated) Tigger was perfectly happy to snooze the night away, I decided to forego sleep in favor of watching his every snore until the moment I could call the day vet and make an appointment. I also decided to work on Sassy A. Tigger slept. I crocheted. Eventually, the sun rose. Tigger woke up to demand petting, then fell back to sleep. I called the vet. I crocheted more. Tigger woke up to demand more drugs, then fell back to (prescription induced) sleep. I looked at Sassy A and was forced to admit that, whatever I was doing, it sure as hell wasn’t crochet. Here is Sassy A now:

The Untimely End of Sassy A
The Untimely End of Sassy A

There were some other discordant notes in the day, like the forty car pile-up that turned my roomates’ two hour drive into a seven hour drive, or like the way I paid to send a TiggerSample to the CSU diagnostic lab when, as a CSU Microbiology student, I could have cultured said sample for free if I could only, errr… “borrow” the proper supplies. Or the way that, post-Tigger appointment, equipped with bigger and badder antibiotics, I totally forgot I was supposed to be on campus working on a web exam with half of the class (which means I took said exam this morning, all by my lonesome). Still, I can see the good in the day. Seeing the good is important if I do not want to see the mental breakdown. Here, see the good:

While Sassy A is on hold I can return to my beloved knitting. Behold, Tempting:


Tempting is my first sweater, and I’ve been working on her on-and-off (mostly off) for almost two years. Seriously. That’s one reason I started this blog: so the strange sense of responsibility publicly declaring a project imparts will motivate me to turn my never-ending UFOs into FOs. See, now that I’ve posted her, I’ve got to finish her in the next couple of weeks or admit defeat to the whole of the world wide interwebz. I shudder at the very thought.

Also, with Sassy A on indefinent froggy hold, Tempting is the last UFO on my needles. This means I can cast on a new project from my stash very, very soon. Ooo, the anticipation. This means you will soon get a big “what shall I knit next” post, for such things take immense and gleeful rumination, and much feeling-up of the stash.

Easter candy has entered the stores. Mmmm, robin eggs.

* * * *

In continuation of this deal-io– what’s the good in your day?

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