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I bet you’ll like this one.


I made fascinators yesterday.

Look what I've been up to.
Look what I’ve been up to.

They seem, thusfar, to be the main talking point of the blog. This is totally understandable seeing as they’re the only tutorial I have up (once again, thusfar- there’s much more to come).

I made a neat little boquet, and shall begin the lovely process of showing off my hours of fiddling with the following:

Old Lace
Old Lace

This is the first one I’ve used actual lace on as verses tulle. It takes a bit more thought to attach because it doesn’t hold its shape quite like the stiff netting, but I find that, even with the difficulty, I’m a fan of the resulting look. Lace ends up having a lot more body than tulle, and a lot more movement. The lace in this piece (which I may end up calling Aresnic and Old Lace- overkill?) is a dove grey that wonderfully compliments the muted magenta of the rose. There’s a stack of white hackle feathers in there too, which were a royal pain in the ass to find.

You see, I wanted strung hackle, which is a bunch of feathers with the bottoms stitched together. This stitching makes them much, much easier to handle and glue on- without it, things get very, very messy what with the glue on your fingers getting onto the wrong part of the feathers and blah blah ugh. Unfortunately, everywhere I went, on the strung hackle rack I found only lowly, hatefully loose hackle- not a stitch in site. I mean, it’s well enough if they’re out- but for every package at every store in town (all from the same company, I might add) to be defective? Someone at the feather company screwed up, methinks.

To think, there’s someone whose whole career dwells within the walls of a feather company. Do things like that ever strike you as odd? “Hi, my name is Doe, and I work in feathers/pencils/dice/other random objects of human manufacture.”

I finally decided to return to the place with the biggest stock and dig through it and lo and behold, found two bags of actual, honest-to-gods strung hackle hiding in the dark forgotten depths of the rack. What, did the machine run out of thread?

The other pack went into this piece:

Simply Sunshine, which should be photographed on a non-whte surface.
Simply Sunshine

It might be easier to see it on a contrasting surface. I really rather like this one: it’s visually very simple compared to my usual fluff and glamour, and very cheerful. It’s my second favorite of the batch. The following is my first:

This is more red and less pink than it appears.
This is more red and less pink than it appears.

The first picture in this post is truer to color, but this one still shows off the construction nicely. It’s got netting, it’s got flowers, it’s got a feather plate and big whiskery black biots, it’s got beads. Pretty, but nameless. It says feather-and-glitz showgirl to me, and the name will probably come from that. I finally titled this piece Maryella on the Trapeze, and I like the sound of such a title. Maybe the above fascinator is “Someone-or-other on the High Wire”?

Unfinished, methinks.
Unfinished, methinks.

Something’s missing on this one, but I don’t know what, so I’ve set it aside for the time being. I like the colors and the basic layout, but it needs more to make a cohesive piece. Ideas?

I figured while I was at it with the camera, I should shoot All Hallows, from the tutorial, as well. Here she is:

All Hallows
All Hallows

It’s almost unfair: all the pretty is in the pieces that go into the fascinators -the flowers, the feathers- and I just mash them all together. Or am I selling myself short ? If it were that easy, wouldn’t I be happy with poor little “unfinished” up there? I like to think I manage to inject a little of my style, of me, into these things.

Hee. Crafter’s ego.

And finally, as a preview for a future post, I’ve got something sitting around that matches All Hallows quite nicely, though I didn’t make it.

Guest Crafter: All Hallows Bracelet
Guest Crafter: All Hallows Bracelet

But, like I said, that’s a future post. So. Has anyone else been making and/or buying fascinators lately?

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