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I spoke too soon.


Go Bobbin Go
Go Bobbin Go

Beastie and I are fighting again- I only managed one shirt before hostilities resumed. This time it’s the tension: it is unforgivably loose. Furthermore, said tension does not change in the slightest if I move the tension dial from the lowest setting to the highest and everywhere inbetween. I figured the only change was that I had rethreaded the machine, and again threaded Beastie (and again, and again) just in case I had somehow failed to properly follow her bold, dark, damn well unmissable arrows. Then I pulled out the manual (learned my lesson there) and rethreaded it three more times whilst carefully scrutinizing the instructions.

No dice. Any ideas? I’ve got an awesome dress all cut out and waiting to go.

* * * *

In other news, I’m working on putting together an application for the Art Co-Op, and, if you’re willing, I’d like some advice. Of the work I’ve posted thusfar, what should I submit for judging? You can get a feel for what Trimble Court has accepted on their webpage. What examples show my creative spirit at its strongest?

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  1. 11/12/2010 12:10 AM

    OK I’m going to post this before I continue reading, even though I’m SURE that after 3 years you’ve managed to work it out for yourself.

    My machine (whose name is Julia – god knows why) has ‘issues’ with the thread tension which I discovered (after 2 YEARS of battling with her) that was caused by the shithouse thread I was using. Turns out she doesn’t like the cheap crap.

    Also your choice in ice-cream is almost identical to mine (although I prefer plain waffles cones to choc-coated) and I LOVE your sense of style and fashion. The nerdiness is also a common trait XD

    OK I’m going to continue reading your blog entries now and will probably comment a stream of 3-years-too-late mental diarrhoea. Just a warning :)

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