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UFO Invasion


Recently, I have made progress on many things. I have finished nothing. Aren’t I just a tease?

Some day, this will be a dress.
Some day, this will be a dress.

This pleasing purple plaid is my current sewing project- and notice, not a stitch anywhere. I thought I had fixed the problem, with the lovely LeeAnn’s help (she has become my go-to for all questions crafty), but no! Eagerly I sat down yesterday, intent on hammering through some serious seaming only to find Beastie’s infernal tension issues had returned. Odd- I haven’t changed a thing since she was working properly.

Much frustration on that front means my sewing shall likely be set aside for a while. Instead, I have been and shall continue to focus on my knitting:

The Mystery Hat Grows Mysteriously
The Mystery Hat Grows Mysteriously

I shoould have finished the hat long ago, but I’ve been focusing on this:

Almost done.
Almost done.

You may not be able to tell, what with the neverending 2×2 rib in plain ol’ black yarn, but Tempting is so close to being done it I can feel the tingle of FO-satisfaction dancing up my spine. There are exactly six rows left to knit. Six rows. That’s all.

Of course, whilst knitting merrily through a lecture on bacterial secretion pathways, I was struck with an idea for poor Tempting. A grand idea. An idea of glorious modification, to make this dear sweater my own. An idea that will require a trip to the yarn store to carry out, and that thus delays my knitting fulfillment (but which, should my imagination hold true, will be totally worth it).

That sort of idea.

Today’s docket thus includes, aside from my respective Calculus, Microbial Physiology and Nerve and Muscle Toxins, Trauma and Disease homeworks and a list of job openings for which to apply: a stop by either Lambspun or My Sister Knits, one last search for jewelry boxes, a possible trip to Trimble Court, and more knitting. (ETA: Unless of course I take a look at my bank account, realize Tigger’s last bill just went through, and realize I can’t even go buy food again. Phooey.)

* * * *

In other news, I love recieving interesting mail. Yesterday’s interesting mail was particularly heartening:

I feel so official.
I feel so official.

It took me a while to decide where to order these, my first ever batch of official not-from-my-lowly-inkjet business cards. So many online print places have such horrid reputations (coughVistaPrintcough) that I almost went and paid Kinko’s rather high prices- but then I found, which was one of the few such companies to recieve a satisfactory report from the BBB.

A week later my cards arrived (a small test order), and I’m satisfied too.

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