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Tempting Like A Yarn Store Sale


Look! Lookit! Look what I made!

Tempting Like Chocolate Cake
Tempting Like Chocolate Cake

Pattern: Tempting
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
Modifications:I caved, skipped a few meals, and bought a ball of red Cashmerino from My Sister Knits. Then, about four rows before the eyelet row, I switched to the red yarn and to a 1×1 rib, which I then continued for ten rows past the eyelet row as versus the pattern’s five. I was considering tearing the cast-on row on the sleeves out and knitting a 1×1 red ribbed cuff on each sleeve, but I think I like them at the length they are.

Tempting Like the Fruit of Knowledge
Tempting Like the Fruit of Knowledge

Of course, you might notice that the ends are not woven in yet. That’s okay- I can’t find my yarn needles, so I have to go to the store. You might also suspect that it has yet to be blocked. That’s okay too- why block with all those ends hanging out? You might then suspect that with such issues still remaining this so-called sweater is not technically a FO, and thus this so-called entry is not technically a FO post. On that point I regretfully concede and ask your forgiveness. I simply could not wait. It’s my first sweater, you see, and my jubilation is vast.

This means you can expect more pictures once all the weaving-in-and-blocking are complete. If you’re wondering what it looks like on my person in its unblocked state, you can see here, but be warned: there’s a reason I didn’t include that picture in the post directly. I look even odder than usual.

If you haven’t noticed (that is to say, if you’re legally blind), red and black are a favorite color scheme of mine. Just look at my blog and my business cards. I even have this set lying around, which I might keep to go with the sweater, but will more likely post to Etsy in the ongoing quest to regain financial stability post-Tigger-bills (and be ready for future Tigger bills- there are still tests to be run, if I can save up enough for them).

They match!
They match!

Speaking of Tigger, he would like you to know that he helped my sweater-making ventures by sleeping on said sweater whenever possible and playing with/chewing on/slobbering over said yarn even while I was knitting with it.

Ooo, yarn.
Ooo, yarn.

What’s funny? Tigger’s not nearly as interested in el cheapo acrylic I’ve got hanging around as he is in the Cashmerino. My cat is a yarn snob. Go figure.

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