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Buying and Selling


Sunday I was driving through town on various errands of little importance when I noticed a proliferance of strange new signposts of a rather animate sort. It took passing up a moderate hoard of people-waving-signs-on-stitck before I hit a red light and could see what was up.

We don’t get protesters, we get sales: the local Hancock Fabrics had decided to close their dors, and thus was selling every single thing in their store at a discounted rate. Music to a crafter’s ears.

This is what I got away with.


These fabrics are destined to be a suit- the silver, for jacket and pants/skirt; the navy for contrasting top. The color scheme is Air Force enough to make me leery (I got a bit of an Air Force overdose growing up), but hopefully I can play on/totally twist that military leaning to suit (he he) my own style.

Tigger has the best timing.
Tigger has the best timing.

I absolutely adore pretty knit prints. Hancock had a bunch of them thrown on the back table, not on any bolt but not remnants (unless you’d count ten yards of purple paisly knit as a remnant). The price was wonderful but you had to buy the whole thing, so I asked a lady also browsing the table if she’d like to split a few nice pieces so we could get reasonable amounts (I am resourceful, and not afraid of bugging people. Fear me!). Beneath those furry paws lies one, and this was the other:

Rose Garden
Rose Garden

This is a bit stiffer a knit, closer to the fabric of a sweatshirt than a t-shirt. I hope to turn it into a hoodie or two with contrasting navy bits, and maybe sell one in my store as my first etsy listing of the sewing persuasion.

I also purchased other odds and ends: a seam ripper, because I can never find mine (someday I will have a studio and everything will have a place and I WILL NOT CONSTANTLY LOSE TOOLS. This is my dream), buttons and ribbon. Using bits of the latter and some ribbon roses the lovely concertinapieces sent me for the “Save Tigger” movement, I threw together these hair clips:

Gothic Lolita
Gothic Lolita

Cute as a ...button?
Cute as a …button?

I adore those penguin buttons- and at 40% off, I couldn’t resist them. I think it was a wise purchase.

* * * *

On the sales front, I’ve decided to post at least one item a month for someone else’s benefit. It may go to a charity, it may go to one person (or animal) in need. This month it’s the latter- when I heard HollysRainbow was facing the painful combination of major vet bills and no money, I couldn’t help but do something. After all, so many kind people have helped and continue to help Tigger and I through a very similar situation, and I’d love to pay that forward.

Sweetie Pie
HollysRainbow’s Sweetie Pie

No one should ever have to choose between a friend’s life and money.

To that end I bought Tigger a catnip mouse (they come highly recommended) and then listed this bracelet for the cause. I know it’s not much, but limited resources is no reason not to do what I can.

Otherwise, my goal tonight is to list lots of stuff in Corvus corax, the above hair clips included. I fixed up the fascinators in my last batch that failed to satisfy (and took a picture of my Mom’s to show you all), and it’s time to start posting my Aunt’s work. It’s going to be a long night.

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