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Mystery Revealed!


Sneaky Little Berry
Sneaky Little Berry

‘Tis a mystery hat no longer!

I’m so happy with this thing I can’t begin to express it. I’ve been bouncing around the apartment since I finished it shouting “Look! I’m a strawberry!” and then breaking into crazy little giggles. They’re going to have to pry this hat off my cold, dead head.

What hat?
What hat?

And I designed it myself! Of course, desiging a beanie is not exactly difficult and turning my head into a strawberry is hardly an original idea. I don’t care. I’m proud of it.

I fiddled around and designed a little knit leaf, too. Imagine the possibilities: this hat without the seeds could be a tomato. Red, no seeds, just a stem and a leaf? Red apple. Same, but in yellow? Lemon. Blue, no seeds, with the stem and the little… I’m a microbiologist not a botanist, the little leaves that surround the stem… blueberry! It’s enough to make any fruit-loving knitting geek go mad.

Yay, hat! Hat hat hat. I like my hat. Hat!

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