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I’m not dead!

Between school, business and various men (tee hee) I’ve not managed much crafting this week, but rest assured that I am not dead. Yet. Most of my designated crafting time (yes, I have designated crafting time) had been dedicated towards trying to work thigs out with Beastie, to no avail. It’s a shame because the sewing bug is chewing on me like a bulldog on a pork chop. I must sew. Must! I just can’t, because my machine and I are (and there’s no nice way to put this) at war.

Of course, even with my productive crafting time seriously scaled down and/or eaten up by (wo)man/machine treaty negotiations, I’ve still finished a thing or two. I picked this top up second hand, and though gorgeous it desparately needed help. The ribbons were either a) torn off or b) worn through, so I snatched up my handy dandy stitch-ripper, a needle, and a spool of red ribbon in order to get my repair-woman on:

I fixified it!
I fixified it!

I think it’s hot. Now if only my attempts to repair Beastie would work out as well.

I’ve also done a bit of beadwork in the form of a single forlorn monochrome ear wrap. It’s shiny and pretty and all, it’s just kind of pitiful when you consider that’s all I’ve managed for the week. Ah well.

Why am I on such a teal kick lately?
Why am I on such a teal kick lately?

No, really. Even my toenails are teal.

I’ve got some good stuff planned for this weekend, including a tutorial and the continuation of Calla, if I can figure out where in the bloody hell I put her. I’m organized like a riot– that is to say, not at all. I may even churn out some hand sewing, if I can find that. Ah, to have my own studio with bright flowers, big windows, and a place for every goddamned project.

I leave you with one of the many things keeping me busy this week:

Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever

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