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Keep On Moving



The New Condo!  Told you it was purple.
The New Condo! Told you it was purple.

Not only am I moving, but I’m cramming for a scary Calculus exam (the last of them) on Friday morning. This ten minutes at my computer is the first break I’ve taken since waking up. But have no fear! I will return with the weekend, covered in bruises and a bit hung over- after all, it will be post-finals weekend.

I Wish
I Wish

I wish for many things (and a few things specifically), but have some reservations about sharing said wishes before they hatch, or turn into horses, or whatever it is wishes do. All I will say is that the dandilions have been suffering mightily in my presence, and the first stars of the night have been well and truly wished out.

What do you wish?
What do you wish?

This blog shall remain regretfully devoid of content until I can dig all my crafty supplies out of their respective boxes and get back to work. So in lieu of content-generated-by-me, I’m asking for content-generated-by-you. Make a wish, drop a comment to let us know what it is (or simply that you’ve made one, if you’re knee-jerk superstitious like me), and keep your fingers crossed.

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