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I’ve finally managed to obtain myself a power sander, and thus should bring the “build Tala a work space” saga to a dusty end today or tomorrow. While I work on that, I give you pictures of how nicely it’s greened up around here.

Ridge #2, West View
Ridge #2, West View

Shiny, no? When I actually got down off the ridge and between the hogsbacks, it was so humid in that little valley I sweated my so-called “waterproof” sunscreen off. Humidity, in Colorado! I have the burns to prove it.

Ridge #2, East View
Ridge #2, East View

Compare that to this, which was taken one ridge lower but depicts the same general area. Have I ever mentioned that I love summer? I am a creature of heat and greenery, and the winter wears on me. These wonderfully summery pictures were taken while I wandered around the Coyote Ridge Natural Area for a while (which is South on Taft Hill, between FoCo and Loveland, for any locals). And hey, guess what! I even ran into some wildlife:

Crazy Plague Dog.
Crazy Plague Dog.

I don’t know what that little plague dog was doing, but he did it repeatedly with not a care as to how close I approached.

Run Rabbit Run
Run Rabbit Run

There was another rabbit off in the brush. They didn’t run when I got close because they were busy trying to kill each other -rabbits are vicious boxers. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a shot of the fighting, though I did get a nice face off.

And now! My half-refinished desk awaits. Tala, away!

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