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Bear with me a little longer, please.


I apologize. I keep promising I’ll be updating, and things keep coming up. The big one?

My Sweet Boy
My Sweet Boy

Tigger’s dying. Like many (if not most) elderly cats, his kidneys have failed. A lot of you helped me out when he got sick earlier this year. Thank you. This time the bills aren’t the big worry- there’s no more tests to run, no more medications to try, no more emergencies to attend to. I’ve got him home with me now only because I can keep him comfortable for a day or two yet- enough to say goodbye. I won’t let him suffer.

Watching the Sunrise
Watching the Sunrise

Please bear with me a bit longer. I’ll be back with my creative guns blazing, but it’s not something I can focus on right now.

ETA: It’s done.

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