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Flower Friday


Because certain parts of life are so thorny right now that I need escape to simpler things, and because other parts of said life are so beautiful that I can’t help but celebrate their glory, I give you flowers.

Out in the garden (which, between work and classes, I haven’t had time to touch this summer) these things bloom wildly. They turn from tight little buds to explosions of purple fluff overnight.

Campus never wants for flowers during the summer months. It’s rather sad: the season when all those hours of gardening (and gods only know how much university money) finally pay off is the season when campus is most empty.

I prefer it that way, I think. Besides, it lets me slow down enough to take pictures of without getting in the way of hordes of busy students.

Ah, the beauty of botanical sexual organs.

The Gladiolus in that last shot were a gift from an admirer. Have you ever looked up the particular symbolism of the Gladiolus? Interesting- and that’s all I’ll say about that.

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