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Guess what I did with my Friday night.


Ooo, shiny!
Ooo, shiny!

Very few things can turn a bad day to a great one in less than sixty seconds. Good mail is such a thing. When I stumbled through the door Friday after a long day of running between classes and work, there was a package waiting for me from the wonderful and eternally dangerous for the wallet Fire Mountain Gems. Being just that much of a dork, I immediately cancelled all plans (on a Friday night, nonetheless) and dug out the wire cutters.

Of the many things in my box of suprises, the focal bead for this piece tops the cake:

Good Fortune
Good Fortune

It’s a tiny Maneki Neko, a beckoning cat, cut from a chunk of amethyst. It’s half-drilled, so I glued the wire in with my trusty tube of jewelry cement and managed to comically bond my hand to a paper towel in the process. Said glue peeled off, taking two fingerprints with it. I wasn’t using those prints anyway, and now if I ever decide I need to commit the perfect crime crafter-style I’ll know where to turn.

Here, look closer:

Best focal bead ever.
Best focal bead ever.

I paired the little kitty with more amethyst, hematite, silver, and tiny little malachite beads. Malachite is one of those stones I absolutely adore and yet can rarely, if ever, afford to work with. This is a shame, because I find it utterly beautiful.

While I’m going to use one of the three Maneki Neko beads I bought for a personal piece (gasp, yes, I am keeping something jewelry-related!), this one’s going up on Etsy later today to offset the materials cost.

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