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Goal #3: Clean

Sunrise off the Back Deck
Sunrise off the Back Deck

I’m proud to report that, for the first time since the day Tigger died (which was coincidentally the day before my two classes and two jobs, which consumed seven days a week this summer without exception, began), my room is more than haphazardly clean and organized. This is important to me, as not having time or energy to keep my lift in order post-classes-and-works was really grating on me. Home = sanctuary and all, you know.

Goal #2: Craft

The Business End of Things
The Business End of Things

I am not made for wholesale manufacture. Sure, I like revisiting old designs and playing with similar themes, but I can tell you after working through a batch of the above earrings to send to the Sampler, repeating the exact same design over and over in one sitting just blows the joy right out of it. I thrive on creativity, and while making my hobbies and escapes repetitive and boring for a time may help fund them in the future, it’s still not something my brain manages without complaint. That’s okay, though- it’s for a good cause, for getting the word out. And I’m not only creative as far as crafting goes, oh no- my creativity extends to keeping myself entertained even in the most repetitive of situations. You should see what I’m capable of in amusement park lines.

Anyway: they’re little and cute and they even match my business cards! I’m proud, as I don’t always do well with simple and cost-effective designs.

Goal #1: Travel

Icon: San Francisco
Icon: San Francisco

My first stop will be San Francisco. I’ve been to the city a handful of times before, though only once in memory- I was actually born nearby. I plan to totally live it up. I plan to eat (and drink) well. I plan to walk everywhere. I plan to stop by knitting and fabric stores, like the fiber geek I am. It will be glorious.

Observation Car
Observation Car

I’ll then board the Coast Starlight and ride the tracks twenty-two hours up to Seattle. I have rigged this so that I ride through the night of the 12th, which is the peak of the Persied Meteor Shower. Expect to find me in the observation car throughout said night, staring open-mouthed at the sky and returning to my seat to sleep only once the sun burns the night away.

Icon: Seattle
Icon: Seattle

Seattle is a much more familiar place to me, what with my sister and nephew living there. I’m going to approach the city from a different angle this time around, though- vacation, not family get-together (though rest assured I will be getting together with said family, and often). I will be here on the 14th, which is my 22nd birthday. I will return back to Fort Collins on the 17th, at which point there will be cake and ice cream and booze at my house for whomever thinks my getting older/getting back to town/getting ready for fall semester is rreason to celebrate (and really, what isn’t reason to celebrate?). You have been notified.

I’m taking two small knitting projects on this trip, one of which you have seen and one which you have not. Rest assured I will flood you with progress, pictures, and stories galore when I return.

Ciao, lovelies!

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