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Photo Game


My best friend and I have started a new game. In said game, we pick a theme for the day, and then carry our camera with us and catch pictures of whatever reminds of said theme. Part hunter, part artist, part random entertainment.

I’ve found that carrying my camera with me gives me a completely different perspective on the world than usual. I stop to notice beauty more; I’m looking out for the peculiar, for different ways of seeing the usual, for the splendor in the little details of everyday life. Once you start seeing that way, it’s interesting just how much of said splendor there is in every step you take.

Yesterday’s theme was blue. I spent the morning studying hands-on in a particular open lab, and after a few hours of that there was only one blue left in my head. These pictures, though they may not appear it to the untrained eye, are actually quite morbid in concept.

This is my probe.
This is my probe.

Two by two.
Two by two.

Serous pericardium -> Heart” height=”240″ width=”320″ border=”0″ />
Fibrous pericardium -> Serous pericardium -> Heart

If you’d like to play along, today’s theme is “feet”.

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