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Links Roundup


It’s not exactly a full-fledged World of Craft entry, but I’ll stick it in there with them. These are the things that have caught my interest on the web, and more specifically the blogosphere lately, with a distinct bias towards the crafty (though I’m going to throw some awesome science in there too). I’ll also include some eye candy, and call this an Eye Candy Friday post as well.


Speaking of eye candy, have you ever taken a look at smoke photography? You should. Then look at the HOWTO.

If you haven’t seen this Wonder Woman sweater yet, then you can thank me after you click that link. How awesome is that? I want to knit or sew a red hoodie with the Flash’s insignia, complete with jagged bands on the arms and little bolts on either side of the hood.

I do a lot of cooking-for-one, and have been trying to do even more as time goes on. There are issues, however: most recipies aren’t designed to serve one, so they must be easy to scale down without being wasteful, or keep well in a fridge (like the chili). I think I’m going to try this recipie next, which is already designed with solo dining in mind. I will, of course, let you know how it turns out.

The moment I can find or make a white cotton dress that I like, I’m making myself something like this. What would I embroider to tell my own story? What symbols and designs, and how would I fit them together? What about a shirtdress? What about you?


There’s something about late summer and grilling that stirs me: a last gasp of celebration, of outdoor living, before the snow closes in and lifestyles make a seasonal shift. This kabob recipie appears particularly interesting. I have a particular weakness for lemon, for red onions, and for middle eastern flavors, so these make me salivate (though I would likely replace the tofu with chicken and add some other vegetables to the mix, as I am a veggie fiend).

I was going to assemble a guide to geek knitting for you all, but it’s already been done, more than once. I have thus shifted tracks, and am assembling a list of general geek crafting (though there’s a flickr pool for that). Let me know if you all have anything good.

Moray Eels have officially been elevated to “OMGAWESOME!” This is not to say they weren’t awesome before, but damn. Nature’s such a gorgeous and fascinating weave.

I find a certain joy in creation for creation’s sake, simply to add a bit of interest to the human existance (which, I think, is a large part of the attraction of Burning Man. This singing Tesla coil definently fits the bill. Also in the spirit of making things for the sake of making something, for the beauty or the interest it adds to the world: the Serpent Mother is a gorgeous beastie.

I like graffiti. If you haven’t noticed, I’m all about creative outlets, all about anything that adds interest or beauty or thought to the world. Sure, a lot of it’s crap, but some just adds something special. I meant to track this down while in San Francisco, but forgot- that just means I’ll have to go back.

You can sculpt clay, sculpt flesh, sculpt most anything you can lay your fingers into, so why not light and shadow?


I lack a child to pull it off, but this is still an awesome sort of photo. I wonder what else could be done with the technique? I wonder if it could be done by one person (perhaps by taping the camera to your head and turning on the autotimer, though you might want to check for an audience first).

Remember my folded fabric flowers tutorial? Remember how I wouldn’t call it kanzashi because I didn’t consider my little flowers on par with the gorgeous and complex work of kanzashi artisans? Well, here’s a tutorial from one of those artisans.

I have a deep love for all things steampunk that I hope to bring out more and more in my own fashion and crafting. This apron is a good example. Awesome steampunk-flavor craftiness can also be found at this blog.

An indespensible skill for designers: fashion sketching. Note the ever so useful fashion croquis (schematic drawings of the human form you can sketch your garment design onto).

So that’s that roundup. What do you think? And what’s caught your eye on the wide world of the internet lately?

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