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Cold Front


The weather of the last few days has taken a turn for the chill, and the heat-loving sun-worshipping downright reptillian part of my soul, the part born in Egypt and Israel and Seychelles and California, the part that clings to tank tops and bikinis and sweat has been screaming in mortal terror. I am unquestionably a creature of the heat, though I can love the cold too with a little effort and a lot of layers. Still, my comfort zone has shifted indoors this weekend, which has the plus of increasing my crafting time. I’ll get to the specifics of that in my next couple of posts, however. In this post, I want to address the slow yet sure results of my slow yet sure paring down of stuff and clutter. In particular, I went through my collection of sewing patterns today and picked out those which no longer interest me. I offer two of said patterns, both unused, to you:


You can see the back of the envelope here.


And the back for this one, here. First come, first served.

In other news, I hold in my chilly little paws a ticket to Rilo Kiley at the Ogden in Denver tomorrow. I am excited: I have a rather intimidating Gross Human Anatomy exam in the morning, and it’ll be nice to let loose for a night befre plunging into studying for next week’s General and Molecular Genetics exam. You know how it goes: no rest, wicked, yaddah yaddah.

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