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Knitting Blues


I have not found victory in the world of knitting this season; indeed, I have backslid without even telling you. The Endpaper Mitts were frogged for hibernation months ago and the yarn has been hidden deep in my stash, branded with the discouraging mental tag of “someday, but not today”. Calla has finally resurfaced (see, told you my great stuff clean-out would come in handy), but I’ve lost my place in the pattern and have felt no compelling urge to sit down and figure it out; again, it’s been tagged “someday, but not today”. In fact, I failed to employ a set of needles all summer, not even to write out the long-promised Strawberry Hat pattern. Something knitterly in me had burned out.

Don’t get me wrong, I still loved the craft: I dawdled on Ravelry and kept up with new books and patterns, tagging awesome project after awesome project with the sadly ubiquitous “someday, but not today”. But, relaxing as they may be, in my world rumination and idle contemplation aren’t worth much without results.

For some odd reason, I felt guilty giving up on projects. Then I realized that, Jesus Christ on a cracker woman, this is a hobby. And with that I shushed the “must finish what I start” guilt, put away those projects which had burned me out and cast on for a new one: a simple, easy project which could ease me back into the yarn pile, as it were.

Something Simple
Something Simple

According to the pattern these are “Mikado Ribbon Fingerless Gloves”. Seeing as a) I’m not using Mikado Ribbon yarn, b) I plan to make modifications to the pattern, because I have skinny wrists and want a good fit and c) “Fingerless Gloves” describes approximately a bazillion knitting patterns on the internet and beyond, I have decided that I get to rename said pattern. I dub them “Lottie Gloves”. All you see in the picture I knit in a single afternoon this weekend, whilst gazing rapt at the computerized dead guy in my VH Dissector program. This is rather fast progress for me, and thus I’d say my “new project!” prescription for the knitting blues has worked: the part of me that wants to knit, as versus just think about knitting, is rubbing cobwebs from its eyes and squinting into the new dawn, Cashcotton firmly in hand.

Now if only I could knit rather than study. Wish me luck on the anatomy exam.

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