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Adventures in Baking: Ryan’s Birthday.


Today, betwixt cementing stacks of photos into my big book o’ pictures and studying for three upcoming exams (Ecology, Molecular and General Genetics and Physics II), I baked a belated birthday cake for my roomate.

Ta da!
Ta da!

It was the Irish Cream Liqueur that decided me on this recipie as the perfect birthday cake for Ryan. I made some modifications -high altitude, of course, and then a bit of muddling for my own fun- but by and large that recipie is the place to start if you want your own tasty cake.

This be Ryan:

Aww, isn't he sweet lookin'
Aww, isn’t he sweet lookin’? Don’t believe it for a second.

This be Ryan making a wish:

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

And this be the part that makes all the slaving in the kitchen (more than you’d think, for such a simple recipie- I wanted to spackle the thing with its own glaze, and that took a large time investment) worthwhile:

The Final Reward
The Final Reward

It’s a very moist and very tasty cake. I consider it a wholehearted success and a lovely addition to my cooking-and-baking repitoire. I also get the feeling I may find myself back over the oven soon- I anticipate many future demands for this particular treat from the roomates.

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