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New Knitty, and thoughts on crafting efficiency.


I love Cherie Amour, enough so that I immediately opened and looked at what colorways they had available. I can’t afford any new yarn right now, but the dreaming is a lovely thing.

Ysolda’s Urchin also tempts me- I’ve been wanting a beret lately, if only to see if I could pull one off. What do you think?

* * * *


I have a confession to make, and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who has fallen into this trap: I spend more time reading craftblogs than crafting. It’s an age-old problem (if by “age old” you mean “since blogging caught on in the dawn of Web 2.0”), and did I not carry about this little addiction, Corvus tristis would certainly be a much more creative sort of creative blog. Alas, there’s so many wonderful ideas and people swarming the lofty halls of the internet that even when I swear to myself I’ll only read a blog or two and then go work said reading inevitably grows to consume my free time (and, stuffed full of new inspirations and encouragements, I can hardly feel appropriate guilt). I bring this up today, however, because I have found a solution: podcasts.

With podcasts, I can get my internet-crafty hit while still leaving my eyes and fingers free to, y’know, actually make stuff. It’s genius, I tell you.

Thus far I’ve downloaded and listened to episodes of the following:

For the Science Geek in Me

Skepticast – They interviewed Bill Nye. Need I say more? Bill Nye! I owe that man more than I can articulate, as far as the early development of my scientific passion goes.
-ASM’s MicrobeWorld

For the Crafty Geek in Me

Sticks and String – I swear, if I ever go to Australia, I’ll be too busy listening to the accents to hear what anyone actually has to say.
Material Mama
Craftypod – Their latest, on crafty overload, has definently given me food for thought.
CraftLit – Which combines crafting with literature, including a chapter or two of an audiobook at the end to be discussed in the next episode. Great to craft to.
Crafty Chica Podcast
Cast On
Knitting News Cast
Pointy Sticks
Stash and Burn
CRAFT and MAKE Podcasts -from the creators of awesome magazines and blogs: podcasts! Most are pattern or project specific, and looking through their archives, I’ve already chalked a ton of them onto my “to do someday” list.


Creative Writing Podcast (which does not so much have a creatively written name, but hey!)
AccordionNoir – You may remember I mentioned a man with an accordion who I met in Seattle. His name was Rowan, and this is his podcast.
-MSF’s podcast. This is what I’d like to do for a few years once I have my degrees (and if they’ll take me before I get my grad degrees). Even if I do go straight to grad school, I’ll work with them some day: I plan to go into research and will thus spend a lot of time in sterile little labs far removed from the actual effects of the diseases I work with, and I want to know the reality of infection first from its front lines.

Predictably there are more on my list, including NASA’s podcast, lots of BBC and NPR ‘casts, and really whatever has managed to catch my eye. I’ve been finding these through handy dandy google, and browsing directory sites like There are more that I’ve forgotten, and some of those which I’ve linked to appear to have “pod-faded” long ago (which does nothing to damage their utility to me, hence their still being linked, but which means suscribing to an actual feed wouldn’t accomplish much). I don’t think I’ve listened to enough episodes of any one podcast to throw about actual recomendations and reviews, but if you’re wondering “what’s she doing?”, there’s your answer.

How about you? Do you follow any podcasts? Do you have any you’d like to vouch for, crafty or no? The more great podcasts you throw my way the more I craft and the more interesting this blog will be, so give it a shot: feed my new internet obsession.

Buny + Flower = Cute
Bunny + Flower = Cute

While thusfar my belated discovery of the joy of podcasts has breathed new life into my crafting efficiency, I sense a pitfall ahead. Knowing what you do of me, can you guess what it is? Not searching for them, though that eats time (and I keep coming up with new ideas for podcasts to hunt for: ooo, history! Epidemiology! Bookbinding! Cool new music! Blogging! Steampunk! Writing! Stories! Arr, thar be erotica off the port bow -tis what I get for lookin’ for stories.); not even keeping up with or blogging about them. No, this time trap is much more dangerous: I want to make one of my very own.

Luckily, I’m prevented from launching into yet another hobby I have absolutely no time for by a lack of essential equipment. This is doubly lifesaving because, just as some unfortunate folk have faces destined for the radio, I have a voice perfectly suited to the glory of silent film. Alas, I’ll have to stick to blogging.

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