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Watch this space.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people and creatures and credit-card carrying inanimate objects of all ages, watch this spot! Tell your family and tell your friends: the first major Corvus corax update in months is drawing ever nearer! This update will be your first and last chance to get your hands on old friends, dark secrets and long-awaited favorites from the Corvus design family!

Hmm. Clearly, I am not cut out to write advertising copy. I may, however, have a future as a circus sideshow announcer.

Rainy Morning
Rainy Morning

Today the sun rose and set in rain. I was up before dawn and heard this particular storm start, and walking to and from my first class my jeans and sandals were soaked through.


This is due to my unfortunate inability to pass by a rain puddle without jumping in it feet-first, no matter how cold the rain nor how impractical my shoes. It’s one of my proudest bad habits.

The Big Fat Store Update (TM) work proceeds apace and eats hours of time I’d rather spend making stuff- that’s okay, though, because I’m low on money for to buy materials to make stuff, and thus it is good that I’m writing up item descriptions, editing photos and calculating shipping rather than crafting (though I should be studying- I’m always putting something or other off). This way, I can afford more materials to make stuff.

Some things you might recognize that’ll be going into the update include a kilt pin from this post, the lovely aventurine set from this post, vintage bottlecap necklaces that have been languishing in boxes forever, all sorts of joy from this post and more. I’m also proud to announce that I’ll be using this update as an opportunity to add international shipping rates to Corvus corax items. These rates will be for USPS no-frills-no-thrills First Class (which makes me wonder- there is no Second or Third or indeed any other class, and while First Class is about as basic as it gets, so why the name something-special?), though I’m willing to get insured/tracked/expedited service if international buyers would please message me first for a corrected shipping rate. Thus far I’m trying to hit some major countries as far as Etsy presence goes –Canada, the UK, Australia- and some which have been requested, like Singapore. I’ll add others as they get requested as well.

Note to self: include that information in shop announcement. Yes. So much to do, so much to do! I’m a little white rabbit with a pocket watch in hand, skittering along with one paw holding my head to my neck.

Onward, then, towards that very important date.

* * * *

People take pictures of me. It’s like a little treasure hunt every time I google image search “Colorado Renaissance Festival”- find my friends, find myself. Tis all part of the glory and glamour of being a pirate. For real.

Those are good pictures. I wonder if I could get my my little pirate hands on a print or two?

* * * *

The vintage quickie earrings I sent off to the Sampler garnered quite a lot of (largely positive) comments, so guess what I’ve been up to?

Pile o' Charms
Pile o’ Charms

Ther entirity of my usable “vintage charm” stash is in that picture and once they’re gone they’re gone, so that’s another reason to keep an eye on this whole shop update thing I’ve been waving about like a white flag at Appatomax. The first ones off the pliers were quite simple:

Red Giant.  Get it?  Stars, and red and so red giant?  *is geek*
Red Giant. Get it? Stars, and red and so red giant? *is geek*

I’ve got four more pairs made as of this instant, and will probably be able to eke out a good handful more before my well runneth dry. I’m also working on a bracelet in a new style that rather fascinates me- if it works out, I see many necklaces and bracelets and such like this in the future. Unfortunately I haven’t photographed it, and with the cloudy skies we’ve got going on right now, won’t get good lighting to do so before sunset. Alas, you shall have to wait until tomorrow to see what this newest little diversion is.

What all are you crafting, my friends?

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