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Big Fat Store Update!


That particular pair is the one pair of the set I’m keeping, but there’s plenty more where that came from.

I would be most honored if you’d check out all the new stuff up over at Corvus corax, the business branch of the whole Corvus shebang. There’s thirty new items listed, including the lovely bits and pieces I’ve scattered throughout this post.


I’ve never done an all-at-once mass update before, and I’m curious to see how well it’s received. I can tell you it’s a heck of a lot of very tedious work to put together, what with one listing after another after another, but luckily it’s only one of several update methods I’m planning to try out and compare over the next few months. I will, of course, report the results for your elucidation.

Now With Eyes!
Now With Eyes!

Please take a look and let me know what you think, and feel free to pass along the link to anyone who may be interested. I’d greatly appreciate it.

* * * *

In other news, remember how I mentioned a little yen for a podcast of my very own? Well, while I’m still not going to do it, I’ve continued to ponder the idea as an exercise in thought. This is what I’ve come up with: if I did a podcast, I’d call it Craft(er) a Week (month, whatever). Each episode would highlight a specific craft, be it as broad as “embroidery” or as specific as “making a tea cozy out of a pack of gum, three pieces of double stick tape, a broken radio and chopsticks: a tribute to MacGyver”, and I would try to get my fingers into a representative personage for that craft to interview and talk about said craft with. Presto! Not only would it be cool, but I would also have an excuse for my inconvenient habit of picking up a new hobby every thirty seconds.

And speaking of picking up new hobbies (what? it’s been thirty seconds): I splurged on a bento box! Granted, even with shipping “splurge” means “less than $10 that I spent lots of time and mental effort justifying before I clicked ‘buy’”, but hey, I am college student, hear me budget! Side note: my favorite little every-few-weeks splurge is a three dollar tropical smoothie from a joint up the street. It’s heaven in a Styrofoam cup, believe you me. (This is another hobby I want to pick up: smoothie making. Advice and recipes appreciated.)

For those who could also use some justification to push them along the bento-loving path, here’s my reasoning behind my purchase (and by the way, and I highly recommend the store– shipping was prompt, my box was expertly and attractively packed, and they even included a little extra gift):

A: I need to start eating lunch, that way I don’t just go nuts when I get home from class and eat everything in sight.

B: I do not need much lunch, however- more than the apples I was pocketing for my mid-day meal, but less than what typical American lunch boxes are designed for.

C: A typical lunch box would be too bulky for me to want to tote around campus anyway.

D: Brown paper bags are just a bit too wasteful.

Enter the bento: compact, relatively ecologically conscious and cute to boot. Plus, the more thought I put into making my food pretty –either just in making it all fit neatly into the box, or in full-blown bento masterpieces– the more I’m putting into nutrition and eating healthy at the same time, and that’s a very good thing. Voila: my mad justification skills in action.

And yes, I will be making pretty little food scenes and sculptures and yes, I will post said creations here. I’ve got one dilemma though: I don’t like rice. Rice is a crucial part of your more artistic bentos: it can be sculpted into shapes or just dyed and used as background. What, then, can someone who does not like rice use to fill her sculptural and background needs?

Thusfar the list includes mashed potatoes, pasta with various pestos and the like, omelets and other eggs, and maybe even pancakes. Have any ideas to add?

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