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State of the Crafter


What have I been up to?

-Studying Ecology
-Knitting on zee Lottie Gloves
-Studying Anatomy
-Reaquainting myself with oil painting
-Studying Genetics
-Playing dress-up
-Studying more Anatomy
-Playing the photo game. Previous themes: blue, feet, and circles. This week’s theme: pumpkins. Join in!
-Studying Anatomy in a creative fashion:

<img src="" alt="

Gross Human Anatomy, complete with cadaver lab, is my favorite class right now and certainly ranks near the top of my college highlights list. It is, however, a class which requires a huge time commitment: to succeed on its beastly exams I spend hours each day in lab, in lecture, and in the library memorizing the finer details of flesh, both on paper and, well, in the flesh. One of my most effective study methods is to repeatedly draw and label the structures from memory; thus the pages of my sketchbook have taken a rather morbid turn this semester. Once I’m practiced enough at doodling anatomical details from recall, I sit down with my old polymer clay stash and repeat the process in 3-D. Rather than focusing on the diagrams, when sculpting various organs and muscles and bones I try to remember what it felt like to hold a heart in my hand in lab, or to run my begloved fingers over the sulci and gyri of the brain.

I also end up making some pretty cool trinkets.

If the cadavers have taught me anything, it’s that tactile learning is quite effective (and, well, what goes where in the human body, and that my brain tends to produce very inventive dreams when I spend every day in open lab). I’m fully capable of naming every structure on this little sculpture and then some. I did quite well on the Thorax/Abdomen/Pelvis exam, and certainly did not miss a single question concerning the heart.

Fingers for Scale
Fingers for Scale

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it and similar creations (currently working on: BRAINS!!!) post-exam. I may turn them into jewelry, as I can turn most anything into jewelry. I may just resign them to my bookshelves to confuse people and gather dust. Suggestions?

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