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I has productivity.


Thought of the day: online package tracking is the ruin of all happiness. Oh yes.

With finals over and winter break upon me, I have returned to the making-of-stuff. In traditional Tala fashion, I began easing myself back into non-academic creative endeavors with jewelry. First, a huge pile of one of my more popular (and simple) earring designs:

Cherry 'Splosion
Cherry ‘Splosion

One pair is reserved, but the rest will go into the store as soon as I can find some more damn French hooks. Next, a couple of bracelets made to test out an approach for bigger projects in the future. First, in bright yellow and teal:

Something Like Sunshine
Something Like Sunshine


And then in goldstone and quartz, like this set (which I may just add it to):

Goldstone and Quartz
Goldstone and Quartz


The wire is tigertail and the number of strands, variable. Next I think I’m going to try this technique as a tube of some sort. I also think a thick choker made with an insane number of wires and either small sparkling beads or something inherently industrial –something bought at the hardware store, not the bead store- would be quite effective.

More to come! I recently completed a couple of necklaces, and today I’ve got a pair of earrings or two to assemble before I branch out into non-jewelry-related crafts; namely, the creation of a fascinator, knitting, and some embroidery. Also, I must paint, and maybe even go to a movie with some friends. I will fit all of this in between finishing my Christmas shopping (woe and agony!) and packing up so I can drive off to meet family tomorrow.


I suppose I better get started, yeah?

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