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What I Did With My Winter Break


I think I’m going to write a manifesto for this blog, and maybe a few other things. Seems like a good dawn-of-the-year activity, no? A manifesto is defined as a statement, a public declaration, of personal intentions and principles- something I’ve always thought was important to keep clear and straightforward in my own mind, whether I take the time to write it out or not. It helps to clearly know what you want, what you’re doing, what’s driving you; how can you accomplish your goals if they’re nebulous and unformed even in your own imagination?

Also, Manifesto is a cool word. I like words. I like words a lot.

What little gems do I have to unload upon you today?


Hey look, knitting! The pattern is My So-Called Scarf, and it’s being made as a (very) belated christmas present for a friend. The “very belated” is because knitting such a cool pattern in plain old black is boring, and I am very bad at boring when it comes to my own hobbies. It’s a hobby. Its purpose is to be interesting.

Still, even while boring, it’s pretty and an easy stitch pattern. I may have to make my own next (in an interesting colorway, of course).

So-called, Redux
So-called, Redux

I’ve got a few thoughts on this next project. First off: when a crafting trend appears in Michaels, you know it’s been played out. So it was with the centerpiece for this necklace.


Second thought: I’ve never let what was popular or unpopular dictate what I like (is NOT liking something because its trendy really any better than being a trend-whore?), and damnit, I like birds. I mean come on! Extant therapods! And seeing as my wardrobe is largely devoid of these painfully popular icons of craft, I think I’m allowed a single necklace without turning in my “creative and original” card.

I figured while I was riding one trend to its inevitably messy end, I might as well take my first try at another: asymmetry. Never done it in a necklace before. Still not sure how to make it look good.

Don't Need Your Symmetry
Don’t Need Your Symmetry

Third thought: as I’m sure many of my fellow craft bloggers know, taking a picture with the self-timer is a fine art. I am no fine artist. Witness my many failures to bring you the utterly mediocrre shot below.

Screw it!  This works.
Screw it! This works.

Yeah. Some day, when I’m rich, I’ll have a personal photographer.

I have today and tomorrow off and then Spring semster begins. I plan to touch on all of the following projects and activities in that time:

-Clean the house. All of it. Include in this further getting-rid-of-stuff. Focus particularly on cleaning up desk and/or project room. Also, clean up blog if there’s time.
-Work on sea serpent painting (oils)
-Work on land fish painting which you haven’t seen yet (gouache). It’s an experiment- I recieved the gouache supplies for christmas, and quite like the medium so far.
-Continue embroidering a shirt of mine, for to make it awesome.
-Go to a movie or two.
-Post all the random stuff I keep tossing up here to the store
-Give the art journal some attention
-More pictures to ye olde picture book, in preparation for the batch I’m going to order from this last trip
-Upload the pictures from this last trip (and any other pictures I may want) to the place from which I order them, which is typically Snapfish.
-Go to the gym today. Monday will be a rest day.
-Finish my Mp3 player’s quick thrown-together case, for to wear to the gym. I dropped it a few times too often whilst lifting yesterday.
-Find my !@%$^# DPN so I can knit those #@!$^& gloves. I have a knitting itch, and I need that lost DPN to scratch it
-Finish a letter to a penpal and get it in the freakin’ mail already.
-Maybe play a little with black and white and/or color accent photography. It’s been on my mind.

Damn, that’s a lot. No time to lose!

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