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Getting Back Into Things


The window is open and through it I hear birdsong. Oh, sweet hope for Spring.

This weekend has been a bit odd for me, mentally. Saturday I spent the entire day feeling like a ghost (thank you, sleep deprivation); I felt so faint, so colorless that it was almost surprising and somehow wrong to see that I cast a shadow. If my mind is so distant and disconnected from the world, after all, what right can my body have to be so monotonously concrete?

The longer you stay awake, the more life becomes a dream.

Today I’ve simply felt uncomfortable in my own skin- not mentally, but physically. It’s as if someone took my brain and moved it into another body, indistinguishable from my own to all but myself. This part’s a little too long, this one a little too sharp, this one tight and this one itches funny. Rather strange, that- perhaps it has something to do with being sick recently? Damn you, influenza.

If this sounds like whining, please know it’s not intended. The loss of inflection, of tone and cadence on the internet is something I have not quite adjusted my style of communication to- were I speaking to you right now, my voice would sound not exhausted and beaten, but quietly speculative. All these myriad sensations of life are still a marvel to me, even the ones that I categorize as “bloody weird”.

But enough philosophical jabber (I get philosophical when I’m tired. You have been warned). I’m here to introduce you to my new knitting project. What of my old knitting projects, you ask? Shhhh. I’ll finish them eventually, promise.

So here we go. My best friend bought me a present, and it is this:

Grapes and Oranges
Grapes and Oranges

What is this, you ask? A thrummed mitten kit! All winter I’ve been dreaming of a pair of these things (my circulation and usual core temperature both resemble the living dead more than a healthy 22-year-old girl, so my hands freeze fast), and the fact that Spring is stirring beneath the dead grass and frozen soil does not damper my excitement in the least. It just means I’ll have to knit fast is all.

(I can hear you people who have read me for a while laughing at that “knit fast” comment. Shh again.)

I love the colors. I’ve grown a real taste for vibrant colors in the last few years, and there’s no point I crave them more than on those cold winter days when I’ll use these mittens.

This brings me to a recent post on All Things Lilliput. Frequently I’ll stop and ponder the things that make me smile in my day-to-day existence and, inspired by said post, I figured I’d let you in on a few today.

1. Mittens!
2. The relatively warm weather we’ve been having, and the promise of Spring to come (and Spring break, the week after this one- woot!).
3. I got to take a nap today. Naps are awesome.
4. Grapes. Big fat red grapes.
5. I’m keeping this one to myself, but trust me, it’s good.

* * * *

Final comment: I have a goal and it is this: one project per week for the next month. I will define what constitutes a project, as something like “get my photo book up to date” is impossible, while “get the San Francisco pictures into the photo book” would suit a week’s timespan perfectly. That shouldn’t be too hard, right? Further goal: blog about all of ‘em. One post per week. Minimum.

Hold me to that one, okay?

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