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Other Things I Did on Spring Break: the Wild Animal Sanctuary


One windy morning once most of the snow from the first days of break had melted, I grabbed some good company and headed a short ways southeast to The Wild Animal Sanctuary. If any of you have seen Animal Planet’s “Growing Up Black Leopard” you’ve seen the sanctuary, and yes, it really is that cool.

If you’re in Northern Colorado, drop by. You could say I sent you, but you’d just confuse them. For those who are not in Colorado (and why not?), I took pictures! Unfortunately for anyone with a taste for variety, it appears that when I am surrounded by lions and tigers and bears (andleopardsandpumasandservals) oh my!… I only take pictures of Tigers.

What? I like tigers!

* * * *

In other news, I’ve been on a serious new music kick lately. How do you find new music? I have three methods: a) asking friends what they love, in just those words b) leaving running in the background whenever I can and c) browsing, which is like IMDB for music.

Here. Have a song.

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