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Train Conductor


My boss in lab (oh yeah, I have a lab position now; more on that later) is one of those people whose minds seem to run at a rate and capacity an order of magnitude greater than the rest of humanity. This can make following him hypothetically difficult, though I think I’ve managed well thusfar (as long as he doesn’t unknowingly switch languages or start quoting Shakespeare). I lag like dialup on Youtube, but even if I’m buffering about as fast as glass flows I get where I’m going eventually. One day, however, we were discussing my work and my ever-irksome schedule and I totally and completely lost my connection.

Error. Empty dial tone, blank screen. Bzzzzzt. Noticing my confusion, my boss paused.

“I’ve lost you train of thought, is all.” I explained.

“I don’t have a train of thought.” he replied (and to get the full effect, you’ll have to imagine this in an Irish accent). “I have thousands of trains, all running at once, and I’m just trying to keep them from crashing.” His image lit up like a lightbulb in my mind, because I’m like that too. It shows in my work and school, in my writing and conversation, in my reading and learning and yes, in my crafting. Now I can put it into words, or even better, into images.

So what trains do I have running which are at all relevant to this blog? I’m still working on the cross-stitch and embroidery, but my progress has not been notable enough to deserve photography. The mittens, however, I can’t resist snapping shots of:

Thrums delight me.
Thrums delight me.

My progress has slowed considerably with the end of Spring Break, but I’m determined not to let the project slip off into inactivity. Mittens, particularly thrummed ones, are just too cool a train to let rust in some forgotten junkyard somewhere.

Remember this comb, which I claimed I was keeping for myself? I changed my mind. I want this one more:


I haven’t worn the other one yet, so I have no qualms against selling it (probably titled something like “Blackberry Vines”- thanks ). I’m not real good at doing my hair- for one, it’s quite fine, and for another I’ve never been much of a girly-girl in that way and thus never really learned the art- making a lasting bun remains an arcane and alien idea to me. I’m proud when I can put it up in pigtails which aren’t lopsided, much less figure out how to work in decorations like this. I’m always up to learning new things, though, even girly-girl ones… so I’ll try new things and I’ll keep a comb or two.

Finally, I’ve been playing with my ancient Sculpey stash.


The eventual hope is to use up said Sculpey stash, but that may just take a while. There’s a lot of it, and most of my grand ideas require a pasta machine.

One last thought: I’m notoriously bad at finishing things- I can prevent most major collisions in my train-conducting duties, but I’ll be damned if I have time to get them all where they’re going. This is something I’m working on.

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