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Time for an intermission. Writing up what I did requires a whole lot more thought than writing up what I’m doing, so I’m going to switch to the latter for an entry and let my editor-brain rest. Since I returned from Africa, I’ve mostly been searching for a job- a search which seems to have taken a significant downturn since that whole Wall Street implosion thingy. Constantly beating my head against this brick wall of a problem has not been helping my success rate, however, so it’s time to be a bit more reasonable, a bit more kind to myself, and take breaks without feeling guilty. In particular, it’s nice to take a break in between gnawing my nails and staring at the phone, as I’m waiting on news for two part-time jobs, and I’d really like to get both of them.

Fingers crossed.

Here’s an example of a break for you: I decided I wanted to display some of my pictures. Taking a tip from a vaguely-remembered Threadbanger episode I failed to actually bookmark I hustled off to the thrift store and grabbed a fifty cent frame. I hammered nails around the sides and then strung the frame with twine. A quick trip to the craft store for a dollar’s worth of mini-clothespins (in the wood section, which was not as obvious to me as it should have been) and this is what I came out with:


I’m not happy with it, though I’m still a fan of the concept. I need to add a third string. I stuck to two because I didn’t want it to look crowded, but now I suspect that being cluttered with pictures is kind of the point and appeal of something like this. If you’re not going to use the shape of the frame to its full potential, why not just hammer your twine to the wall and hang the pictures that way?

You know, that’s not a half bad idea.

My other crafty news is mostly of the “resumption of projects past” bent. This entire summer my crafting supplies and projects have lived in a little storage container with most everything else I own; summoning from the depths of boxes and memory projects which my summer adventures put on hiatus has been quite the satisfying activity. What projects, pray tell? I’ve been working away at embroidering my China Town shirt:

It's Progress
It’s Progress

I’ve been finishing off some polymer clay pieces and contemplating other ways to use my stash:

The Start of the Finish
The Start of the Finish

And I’ve been working on my thrummed mittens again after a summer away- I almost took them to Africa with me, but decided I didn’t want to get them that dirty before I was even able to wear them. I expect to have them done in time for this fall/winter, which is quite the thing coming from me (that is, if I can find the knitting needle I’ve mislaid- it’s always something with my knitting).

Also Progress
Also Progress

But it’s not all repeats! After discovering the positive deluge of pretty pictures I had stashed away, torn from magazines and whatever else, I decided to try out a collage. It’s really quite the fun activity, and I’ve already got a few more theme ideas in my head. My next one, though, I plan to make a little bit more “multimedia”.

On Love
On Love

Other than that I’ve been moving and job hunting and I’m about ready to begin reopening my Etsy store. Also, I’ve been poking around getting back into the habit of reading other blogs again, and might I say I’ve run into a whole bunch of giveaways and contests lately! I even managed to win one for the first time EVER, and got some seriously cool schwag out of it. my half of the brain decided to give away some cool fabrics, and I won my favorite of the pair. Look how awesome it is:

My Prize!
My Prize!

All these contests have given me an itch, so I’ve set to work on putting together a contest or two of my own. Keep an eye open!

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