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Purging the Polymer Clay Stash: Finishing


I’m still working on the next entry in my Tanzanian saga, so I figured I’d throw some more craftiness in between them. Remember all the polymer clay work I posted here, when I decided to attack my ancient and massive polymer clay stash? Well, I’ve since kept myself busy with finishing those pieces off, and am proud to say that those that will be sold are now ready for the etsy store, while one pretty little bit is currently adorning my neck. Go me!

This post is about finishing, and to finish most of these, I used Crystal Clear Enamel spray by Rustoleum- extra glossy, because I like it that way. For the pins I cut felt to fit the back before attaching the pinback, and I like how finished it makes them look. Other details are specific to the pieces.


I decided a while ago that the bisexual pride flag was far too uncommon, and so I’ve thrown a bit of clay at the cause of awareness. There are three pins and one pendant- one of the pins, I plan to keep, but the rest are going up in the store as I speak.

Sunny Day
Sunny Day

Following the same theme, I made a couple of pins that will work as well for a subtle statement of pride as for someone who simply likes rainbows and bright colors (Me! Me!). These ones, I used red felt on.

I’ve always loved canework as a polymer clay technique, though I think it’s almost too time-consuming to be worth it if you lack a pasta machine, like me. Nonetheless, I made an attempt and, with a little wire, a few leaf beads and some chain, turned it into this bracelet:

Orange Juice
Orange Juice

It’s already listed on Etsy.

And this is what became of P and Z, the polymer clay cuttlefish:


The clasp is asymmetrical and decorated with little sea-themed charms (I need pictures of that before I post them to etsy, though, and the sunlight is not cooperating), and a tassel of seashells hangs from each cuttlefish.

And Z

Cuttlefish are made of awesome.

The finishing on this little pendant was a bit more complicated than the above: I painted it over with black acrylic paint, then rubbed off what paint I wanted to while it was wet, and sanded off a bit more once it was dry (I found I liked the effect of sanding more than wiping off paint, and will probably skip the paper towels in the future). Then I sealed it all with my trusty spray enamel. Just in time for Halloween, I present:

Skull Pendant
Skull Pendant

I did the same to the two skulls in this post, and they look grand, but I’m not quite finished with them yet and so haven’t showed them off. Something to look forward to, I suppose.

Finally, my favorite. Remember my anatomy study aid? I turned it into a necklace:


I attached a chunky chain and put the clasp off-center, setting it off with a tiny “Love” charm. I’ve got my eyes open for a more suitable clasp than a giant lobster claw, but until I find it the piece stands as is.

All this, and I haven’t made so much as a dent in my polymer clay stash. I’ve got to come up with some more ideas for the stuff.

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