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Voting by mail is kind of a let-down, because when all your friends pack in and head to the polls, when all the last-minute canvassers show up on your doorstep to see if you are getting your civic ass in gear, when all the cool joints offer discounts and free stuff for an “I voted” sticker, all you can say is “Yeah, I was ALL OVER that thing… last week.”

So I’m sitting at home alone whilst the boy goes off and stands in line to do his civic duty-thing, and with all these rallying cries going up across the blogosphere to get out and get voting, all I’ve got for you is this thought.

What she said. If you, unlike me, were not so excited you couldn’t hold your proverbial horses until today, the time has come: get out and vote. And for all my compatriots who voted early –both at the polls and by mail- crack yourself a beer and smile. You’ve done good.

My heart and stomach are both in my throat for this one –there’s a lot of things going on that hit on the issues I hold very, very dear- but the beer is still tasty and my conscious quiet. Mmm. Done good, all right.

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