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Myself vs. My Polymer Clay Stash: The Battle Continues


I’ve been busy, to say the least. I moved, again, for something like the fourth time this year. This time I’ve moved in with zee boy, and zee boy’s four month old Maine Coon kitten.

Everybody likes kitten pictures, no?

I’ve been trying to focus a good number of hours a day on my store, Corvus corax, in hopes of having a little extra money for the holidays and really getting my name out there. I’ve also been dealing with personal issues galore. Finally, I’ve been crafting… and crafting… and crafting some more. Christmas, new ideas, old ideas, new stock, you name it. So yes, I have been busy. So busy, as a matter of fact, that I’m going to split my polymer clay bananza into two posts, because there’s just that much ground to cover.

We’ll begin with the morbid pieces.

My first anatomical heart necklace was so popular I couldn’t help but make a second. This piece was carefully molded off my old cadaver-juice encrusted anatomy notes, my computerized dead guy and my memories of working with the real thing for hour upon formaldehyde-soaked hour. It is (unsuprisingly) made of polymer clay, glazed with spray enamel, with an asymmetrical heart-shaped toggle clasp and two charms which read “Love” and “Live”, respectively.

Anatomical Heart Part Deux
Anatomical Heart Part Deux

Clasp Detail
Clasp Detail

Word to the wise: spray enamel will eat through cheap disposable plastic like a pack of pirana and an unfortunate cow. Do not ask how I know this. Want another spray enamel tip? If it is snowing outside, it is too cold. Lessons learned.

But why stop there? Why not make, say, matching earrings? What girl wouldn’t want to festoon herself with disembodied human hearts?

<img src="" alt="I
I <3 These Earrings

Silver findings, red glass accent beads, and a heck of a lot of time hunched over tiiiinnny little balls of clay.

Speakinig of disembodied human bits as ear decor, I also threw together some eyeball earrings:

I See You
I See You

The disembodied part is important.


That fulfills today’s morbid quota. Wash your brain out with more kitten pictures, and tune in tomorrow for recent work that doesn’t consist entirely of disturbing disembodied organs!

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