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Resolutions and a Contest



Recently, still lacking a real job, I resolved to dedicate a significant chunk of my day, every day, to Corvus corax. I’ve found it to be quite the resolution: there’s always more to do and I’m not quite sure how to do half of it, making waking up each morning and thinking “Okay, what’s on the table today?” quite the interesting challenge. My favorite part is making new merchandise, which should suprise no one. Photographing said merchandise gives me the excuse to play with my camera, but can get very boring very quickly, particularly when it comes to touching up said photos. Posting pieces to Etsy is a chore- I’m horrible at descriptions and pricing is always an exercise in mental gymnastics.

None of these, however, are worse than advertising: getting the word out there that, hey, I made something cool! I mean, seriously, how do you do that? Particularly without being a PITA to the rest of the internets? I don’t know; I still have a lot to learn about promoting myself.

While I’m busy poking away at zee store and all related things, however, I thought I’d have a contest. In my last few posts the eyeball earrings have gotten a lot of attention:

I See You
I See You

I figured it’d be fun to give a pair away. And then I figured, hey, why not two pairs! And then I figured: why not make them custom, so you can get them to match your or a loved one (or a not-so-loved one)’s eyes?

And why not make it… punny?

So that’s what I’m going to do: give away two pairs of eyeball earrings with the iris color of your choice. This is how the game is going to work:

How to Enter

1. Comment on this entry- it’s the little pencil button in the top right. In your comment, include an eye-related pun. Check out this etsy description for some groan-inducing examples. Make sure you include an e-mail address I can reach you at. Livejournal is not always the friendliest platform for off-platform commenters, so if you’re not sure, just include said e-mail in the body of the comment.

2. Plug this entry. For ever person who enters the contest saying “Hey, ______ referred me”, the referrer gets one entry. You might want to make sure when you plug that I’ll recognize your name- that is to say, don’t sign your entry as “Planet X” and then have people saying “Hey, Sally referred me!” This would be very confusing for your poor humble blogmistress.

The last day of the contest will be Tuesday, December 2. I will draw two random winners the next morning and get to work.

Even if disembodied eyeballs aren’t your idea of, erm, eyecatching jewelry, the holiday season approaches, and who doesn’t have a quirky friend who would love something this unusual?

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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