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For the first time ever, I am crafting things which are not bloggable, and it’s awesome. Take note, publishers: if you need a young crafter-student-scientist-nerd-whatever, drop me a line. It’s fun!

It is also, as many have noted before me, not exactly good blog fodder. Rather than leave you all hanging, I thought I’d pull out all the old bits that I’ve meant to post in the past and never gotten to. I thought I’d revisit the remnants of craft blogging.

The first is a christmas present- a simple necklace made of aventurine, amethyst and silver findings. It’s short- meant to lay neatly at the base of the neck- and sturdy, strung on tiger tail wire.

Green and Purple
Green and Purple

If you haven’t noticed from past projects; I love green and purple together. Here’s to hoping the recipient agrees.

I’ve made earrings like this before, and poking through my stash a while ago realized I had enough leftovers to make another pair in gold and purple. They’ve always been good sellers, so I figured why not:

Cloissone Bling
Cloissone Bling

And finally, a necklace made from thrift store scores. The chain is from a stainless steel belt (and was correspondingly hard to cut into the right length with my wimpy wirecutters) and the beads and flowers from a single downright atrocious necklace.

Recycled Necklace
Recycled Necklace

You know what I’m talking about: the kind of necklace you pick up and go “No wonder it’s in a thrift store.” The kind that overdoes just about everything from size to embellishment to colors. Oh yes. One of those. I think it works quite well for parts, though.

I think that last one is my favorite of the bunch, not so much because of how it looks (which isn’t bad) but because of where it came from. What’s that new trendy phrase? Upcycling? I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. What about you all? What have you upcycled lately?

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