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Many, many months ago I made a necklace of blue-and-white porcelain beads, accented with lapis and hematite. The idea had been in my head for a while and it was nice to get it out into the real world- but you may have noticed that it never made its way into my Etsy shop. Thing is, as much as I liked the idea, I didn’t like the finished product.

The Necklace
The (Old) Necklace

It’s just too much. Every bead in there is detailed and when those details are crammed so very close they don’t sing, they screech. So I put it away and forgot it until a few weeks ago. Then, slowly, thoughtfully this time, I pulled out my trusty wirecutters and got to work.



Porcelain Detail
Porcelain Detail

Each link is hand-wrapped, and I think it really does the job. And hey, guess what: there are sill matching earrings.


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