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Happy New Year!


I have lots of crafts to share, but can’t get the pictures to upload properly. Alas. I will do lots of talking instead.

I spent New Year’s Eve (all day) confined to the couch by a wicked little stomach bug and thus have no good stories to relate re: the great calendar changeover. Nonetheless I feel quite optimistic today (if a little weak and tired), and hope you all fared better than I in your end-of-year celebrations.

In honor of the holiday which I otherwise wasted, I’ve got a few bloggy things to address. For starters, Eva of the A Striped Armchair blog nudged me towards this post/challenge on the book blog Sophisticated Dorkiness.

Ahh, the joys of the internet. The 2009 Blog Improvement Challenge provides a topic every two weeks for the 2009 year, that humble bloggers like yours truly may improve their mad blogging skillz. When I noticed that the first topic (“Setting Goals — What Is Your Blog For?”) fit easily into the ferment of ideas and inspirations I had been stirring for my next blog post, I signed right up.

The primary purpose of this blog is simply to share the fruits of my creative endeavors with the world, rather than throwing them all in boxes and drawers and forgetting them, and to contribute markedly to the fantastic online crafting community. The secondary purpose is admittedly to help generate interest in my Etsy store so that said boxes and drawers may become a bit less cluttered, and because craft can be an expensive hobby.

Now, I try very hard to minimize that secondary purpose- to keep it to mere mentions and to always provide relevant and interesting blog fodder that places Corvus tristis far above the lowly existence of an ongoing ad. I provide tutorials and answer questions about technique. I talk about real-world adventures and creative activities that will never see my store. And it works- this is far more a personal blog than a store blog- but I want to do more.

Thus we come to my goals for the blog. In the end, my various bloggy aspirations can be summed as shaping my blog to be a more complete expression of myself, my creativity, and the online creative community as a whole. Abstract goals, however, have never worked for me, and so I ask your pardon if I go into brainstorming mode for a bit -and maybe, if you have any bright ideas, your assistance.

I want to focus on providing interactive and interesting content that goes beyond simply talking about myself and advertising my store (though I don’t want to leave those two bits behind). Contests and tutorials are a start, but what else might I try? Reviews are good. More references to other posts or links I find interesting or inspiring across the internet -that is, more integration into the rest of said crafty community. Challenges are fun, but seem to require a larger audience to work well. I would like to spend more time on interesting and well-written articles and thoughts relating to the topics I enjoy: to craft, to creativity. And what of the parts of my life outside the creative sphere? Should I bring in more adventures, more local and not-so-local exploration? Should I drag in a little science here or there?

We’ll see, I suppose. It’s certainly something to mull over.

While we’re in this whole “New Years introspection” thing, how about some more concrete aspirations? Behold, a list: ten crafty things I want to accomplish this year. It should be interesting to return next January and see how many I hit on, no?


1) Sew more. This is a very general goal, however, so let’s make it more specific: sew enough to reduce my current fabric stash by one half. Now that my machine is working again, it’s time to get cracking.

2) Finish (and post) ten knitting projects. Hopefully I shall be able to far exceed that, but I’ve had enough issues with actually -finishing- projects in the past that I’m willing to lowball myself.

3) Refine my polymer clay work to include complex caning and more detailed sculpture. This should be much easier, now that the wonderful and fantastic James has given me a pasta machine for Christmas. Also,

<img src="" alt="I
I <3 James

4) Enter more contests/submit to more publications. I think I’ll start, with the assistance of my new pasta machine, with Polymer Clay Central’s monthly challenges.

5) While we’re at that, I want to get published this year. Now, it’s not so big, because I already have a little bit coming up in a ‘zine, which is a nice start. So let’s make it bigger: I want to get published twice.

And finally:

6) Design and write my own knitting pattern. Woo! Maybe I can get it published and kill two birds with one stone, as the metaphor goes.

So what are your crafty goals for 2009?

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