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Hogwarts Lake


I love to pull pieces straight from my favorite works of fiction. You may recall Anethesia’s Necklace, which I made long ago and sold long ago as well. I hope to make another version of that necklace again, but the beads are a bit expensive as my budget currently stands, and so it’s yet another idea on the shelf. Meanwhile, I managed to stumble across the perfect beads for a different literary inspiration: a piece tugged from the pages of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Why yes, I am a nerd.

“The merpeople had grayish skin and long, wild, dark green hair. Their eyes were yellow, as were their broken teeth, and they wore thick ropes of pebbles around their necks. They leered at Harry as he swam past; one or two of them emerged from their caves to watch him better, their powerful, silver fish tails beating the water, spears clutched in their hands.” – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Deep beneath the shining surface of Hogwarts Lake live the mermaids, all gills and webbing and water weed and stone. A few hours of poking around with agate pebble beads, hematite and tigetail wire later, voila: a necklace straight from the neck of the Merchieftaness Murcus of Hogwards Lake.

Merchieftaness Murcus
Merchieftaness Murcus

This necklace has made its way to the store with remarkable promptness. I’m rather proud of that.

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