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The Kindness of Others


The other day the wind howled like a living thing, an angry thing. James and I gathered at a window to watch a recycling bin whisk down the street; too far ahead for us to possibly catch up even before we noticed it. It was a day for staying inside.

I have not had the best past few months. The economic issues have hit my personal budget hard and, unable to find a job, I’ve been unable to return to college for my final semester. My grandmother died, I moved multiple times, and I lack health insurance and thus live on a thin edge of anxiety re: health issues. Etc etc, blah blah blah: who isn’t having a hard time right now?

All this just highlights how fantastic people have been to me lately- both in person and in the wide world of the internet. Behold, the kindness of others!

Ravelry has a Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) group, and I advise all who can join up because it’s far too much fun. I’ve managed to set aside a little chunk of my budget -largely money earned via etsy- to send out some RAKs each month because the idea of making someone smile, someone random, someone I don’t even know is lovely. And let’s not forget those who have RAKed me:

morsecode on Ravelry (who can be found blogging here) sent me two books, Middlesex and Blackberry Wine, which were instantly devoured. Both were well worth the read, and also much appreciated (particularly during the day I spent on the couch fighting off the evil depredations of some stomach bug -fun story).

RAK of Awesomeness
RAK of Awesomeness

Two more books (Romantic Hand Knits and The American Plague– if that doesn’t hit my core interests on the nose, what does?) and the above yarn came from the wonderful carrieg777 (on Ravelry), who blogs at Little Ruffled Feathers. In fact, it was Carrie who first introduced me to the RAK group. I am currently plotting a pair of intricately-embroidered Knucks to keep me warm this winter.

Imagine my surprise, then, when shortly after receiving that wish (my first new yarn in a very, very long time) I was gifted a $100 gift certificate to Lambspun from James’ wonderful parents.

I am the sort that loves getting gift certificates, because I am the sort that finds shopping for supplies infinitely entertaining. I spent hours in Lambspun pinching and rubbing and, most importantly, dreaming and planning and finally came away with the following:

Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky
Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky

Four skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in a deep green to make Versatility. I hope to lace it with a silver ribbon, Slytherin style, and will probably decrease the size of the bobbles to be a bit more understated.

Cascade 220 for a Shrug
Cascade 220 for a Shrug

Two skeins of Cascade 220 in complementary shades of purple (light and heathered, dark and vibrant) to make the 2-toned Shrug from Fitted Knits.

My New Beret.  Eventually.
My New Beret. Eventually.

Two skeins of a light teal to make the Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret (Ravelry Link).

And two skeins of Baby Llama, which I was so impatient to cast on with that I didn’t even manage to photograph them whole and untouched. Ergo I debut two things here: the yarn, and the project.

Best. Hat. Ever.
Best. Hat. Ever.

It’s a Tiger Hat! I am fantastically excited about this one, because I am just that nerdy. The pattern is by the lovely Mary Lou Egan,and its proceeds go to Heifer International, so I encourage you all to head on over and try it out. It’s quite the fun knit thusfar.

Of course, in this rare and much apperciated yarn binge, I had to grab a few things for the RAK group. ;)

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