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Of Mornings and Posts


My brain is weird.

Yes, you may say, we are aware of this. And?

When I set an alarm, often, my brain will wake me an hour and a half to two hours before said alarm goes off to check the clock. Earlier this week that meant waking in the frosty darkness of 4AM.

“Yes,” I told my brain. “I see the time. Thanks for your concern, but it’s not time to wake up.”

And with that I passed out… until the clock hit 4:30ish and my brain woke me once again.

“Still not time.” I said.


4:45. 4:55. 5:00. 5:15. 5:20.

“Still no. Nope. Not yet. Not so much.” This continued until I crawled out of bed, turned off the alarm clock before it even gets its chance, and stumbled into my day. See? Weird.

I suspect some part of my brain hates that painful beeping so much it would rather be sleepy all day than wake up to an alarm clock’s scream.

* * * *

That story has absolutely nothing to do with the reason for this post and I don’t care. The reason runs thusly: I’m enjoying this embellishment thing, and hope you are too. I think I’m getting better at it with each post. And I’m out of ideas.

Here’s where you come in. It’s brainstorm time, so if you have any ideas you’d love to hear about that fit the whole “em·bel·lish transitive verb 1 : to make beautiful with ornamentation : decorate 2 : to heighten the attractiveness of by adding decorative or fanciful details : enhance” theme, comment here and let me know. Furthermore if you a) have examples of work in any of the previous embellishment topics or b) know of links that really should have been included, but weren’t, PLEASE comment on the relevant posts. I’d love to learn more myself, and doubly love to turn these things into resources for other crafty sorts.

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