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Barn Owls


This is the line art, based largely (but not wholly) on a reference picture from this page, I used for the Barn Owl shirt:

Barn Owls

It’s for you. I even added a little sitting Barn Owl of cute. If you click on the above picture, then click on it again, the high-res image will appear (dial up beware; it’s a big one) and you can save it and resize it and remix it and embroider it to your heart’s content.

Barn Owl

Since it’s admittedly close to the reference picture (which is sourced on the above webpage mysteriously as “Library Photograph”), I’m not sure how intellectual property works as far as the big owl is concerned. Is it deravitive or fair use? Where’s the line between reference and not so much? Anyway, I thus ask you to restrict yourself to personal use, and if I can find the original source and get permission (or rejection) I’ll update/delete this post as is fit.

Refresh yourself re: transferring line art to fabric here, and I’d love to see any final result you come up with.

Finally, if you like this whole “ooo, embroidery pattern” thing, keep reading, because I’ve got loads more (which are not so legally ambiguous) to share. Excited? I am.

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