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The Business of Organizing


Recently, I’ve been into organizing things. I’ve gone through my bead boxes and reorganized them by color- even the little tiny seed and bugle beads that require tweezers to sort. I’ve been poking at my long-neglected fabric stash trying remember what each piece was originally purchased for. And I’ve been picking up my finished projects from the random nooks and crannies they hide in and figuring out what to do with them.

I sat down today intending to post a lot of cool and random stuff to my etsy shop, then realized the drawer where I keep the “currently for sale” stuff is, well, totally stuffed. Two solutions immediately presented themselves: I could co-opt another drawer to the cause, or… I could have a sale!

Thus motivated to de-clutter my shop stock I’ve lowered many prices and, for the next two weeks, set shipping on any item in my store, from the most complex sculpted necklaces to the simplist of earrings and everything in between, to the nice round number of zero. Yep. Free shipping until March 14!

Meanwhile, it is girl scout cookie season. How do you eat your thin mints?

James taught me this method:

Step 1: Acquire Cookie and Milk
Step 1: Acquire Cookie and Milk

You’ll need a thin mint, and a full glass of milk.

Step Two: Nibble Cookie in Symmetrical Fashion
Step Two: Nibble Cookie in Symmetrical Fashion

Bite off both ends of the cookie.

Step 3: Use Cookie as Straw
Step 3: Use Cookie as Straw

Stick one bitten-off end of the cookie in the milk and suck it like a straw (this is why having a full glass helps). It doesn’t take much- by the time the milk gets to your tongue, the crunchy inside of the cookie has been innundated with tasty, tasty milk.

Trust me on this one. It’s so awesome I should write an Instructable.

Final bit of news: I’ve already gotten my next bit of embroidery line art done. Problem is, I love the theme so much that I just keep making more. I think I’m up to four sheets for one post- now I just have to get them scanned, which may take me a bit what with not owning a scanner.

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