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Six Years in the Making


Way back when I was an ickle freshman living in the dorms, I was wandering through a hardwear store when I decided I wanted to tear up a level and try to make a necklace of it. I did just that, and quickly discovered that no one sold bead caps large enough to cover the naked ends of said level. Alas, stymied, I put the little plastic chunk into my bead collection, unfulfilled, occasionally pulling it out over the next many years to compare it to some finding or other, confirm once again that nothing would fit the thing, curse, and forget it for another couple of years.

Half a Bubble Off
Half a Bubble Off

This weekend I went to the thrift store, where much of the chain (and some of the more interesting beads) I use in my jewelry comes from. It was 50% off day, and I picked up a hefty chunk of chain two huge silver tassels on the end without much thought. It was only when I got home that I realized the tassels were composed of thinner chain and two giant bead caps.

Bead Caps
Bead Caps

I tore into it with breath held, dug into my bead boxes for the much-maligned level, and presto! A necklace six years in the making.

I like it. Hardware stores and thrift stores are some of my favorite jewelry supply sources, though a bit unconventional. Do you have any unconventional supply sources, and what have you made from their takings lately?

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  1. 11/17/2010 8:37 AM

    HOW in the world did you get the level out?

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