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Sewing and Thrifting


Already I’m one day off on the “post every day” thing. This is because yesterday was a day of a) preparation and b) photography. First order of business, a finished project. A sewn one!

Glaring at Random Neighbor
Glaring at Random Neighbor

This is the first thing I have sewn in full in YEARS, and I love it. It’s a reversible obi belt that can be tied as shown, where the ties are wrapped twice around me and tied in the back, or with a big fat bow on the front. The bow is a little overwhelming, so I think the next belt I make will have shorter ties. Still, I like the doubled look and shorter ties will make that impossible. Decisions, decisions.

Obi Belt
Obi Belt

I seem to have lost the knack for taking a picture of my back. Alas, you’ll have to live with a detailed front view.

Yesterday, I went garage sale-ing and thrifting. I scored at my first garage sale, at the cold and groggy hour of 8am, with a bike rack for my car- I drive closer to school before I bike in every morning, and I do this in a Honda Civic without a bike rack. You should see the trouble I go through to fit the bike in the back seat/trunk, and take it out again, every single day. So yes! Five bucks later and I won’t be banging and scratching up my door anymore. Woot!

I alo picked up some buttons for a future knitting project (they were free with the bike rack), then went to one of our local thrift stores and utterly cleaned them out of green XXL men’s T-shirts, to the dismay of male XXL shoppers in my immediate vicinity:

Thrift Store Raid
Thrift Store Raid

These are for crafting.


And now, the final order of business: the contest is closed, but I’m extending my free shipping/many reduced prices/clean out the shop sale until next weekend! I figure I’m going to need space for all the things I’m crafting this week, so the more I can sell the better off I’ll be.

Contest winners will be announced shortly!

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