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Keeping Busy


It is halfway through Spring Break, or just about. I’ve cut up three t-shirts, learned that cutting up t-shirts into yarn takes a lot more effort than I would have ever guessed, and worn two scissor-caluses into my right hand in the process. I’ve also been making post cards for a couple of Ravelry RAKs:

Post cards
Post cards

Working with the feather and squid canes I recently showed you:


(Polymer clay tip: you can buy a single long, thin polymer clay knife at your local craft store for five or six bucks, or a pack of five long, thin paint scraper replacement blades from your local hardware store for two or three bucks. Your call.)

And enjoying the fruits of a recent order to Fire Mountain Gems, my favorite bead source:


There will be a veritable storm of finished object posts to come this week.

So, the contest: I’ve decided, since the number of entrants were rather small and I have a) free time and b) enough cane left to make a few more pieces, that everybody wins! So Leslie of Leslie’s New Works and Thoughts, Alle/Allegra, flapxjack and cindylietz, drop me an e-mail at corvus.melloriATgmailDOTcom with your address and which of the prizes you’d prefer (just to remind me and keep me from getting confused) and I’ll get them out to you!

One last note: hello to all visitors from craftgossip! If you’re seeking free embroidery patterns, stick around- I’m trying to post them on a regular basis (though I’ll have none this week, as my only scanner access is through University and you couldn’t drive me onto campus on Spring Break with a pack of raging bulls). All embroidery patterns are tagged as such– you can find the tag in the bar to your right, and should be able to suscribe to that tag alone if you’d like (though I’d love to have to along for the rest of my crafty adventures).

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