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Young Spring


The first necklace to be birthed from my FedEx’ed box o’ bead booty was a very simple one.

Full View
Full View

It reminds me of these last few days in Colorado, of the youngest days of spring where the extra hours of daylight catch you by suprise and the plants are just barely beginning to green between and beneath piles of old, shrinking snow. To further this motif both the pendant and the clasp feature silver flowers- hints of the bright colors to come, still subdued and frozen.

The Young Spring
The Young Spring

Or something like that.

The focal piece is off an old necklace once given to me by an admirer- the necklace was not my style and thus got cannablized for parts. A pendant like that either needs a very simple design to set it off, or something as big and grand as it is and those jade nuggets did the trick.

Bead Detail
Bead Detail

Clasp Detail
Clasp Detail

The nuggets of jade are set off with little white potato pearls and silver spacer beads, and finished with the aforementioned flower hook-and-eye clasp.

* * * *

Imagine my surprise when my last post attracted the attention of Barbara of . Hi! I love you guys. As a broke college student (TM), it’s rare that I can afford to splurge on beads. Very rare. As in I haven’t been able to for years and this order was was half a gift from my boyfriend James (you should see what he’s doing with the malachite cabachons he ordered- I’ll show you soon). Ergo, your all-assortable pricing is a beading lifeline. Fire Mountain makes an effort to care for the small guys as well as big bead shops and it really shows. So yes. Bravo and thanks and everyone else: shop there.

My one wish is that they carried peruvian ceramic animal beads a la this guy or this. I’m a huge animal nerd, though, and my tastes do not always run to the mainstream.

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