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Jumprope Necklace


I’m not sure what the original inspiration was, but a little while ago I decided I wanted to use nugget beads to make a really, obscenely long necklace with a simple, regular pattern to it- so that the whole thing was uniform in design. Then I could wear it all sorts of different and weird ways.

I’m proud to say that, for once, everything worked out exactly as planned:

Jumprope Necklace Number One
Jumprope Necklace Number One

The necklace is tiger’s eye and hematite with a silver clasp. The hematite is a mix of round bead and multiple sizes of whimsical little star beads.

I can wrap it twice around my neck and wear it with one long and one short strand, which seems to be a popular look right now:

Or I can stack it around my neck, uniformly, three times:

Or I can wear it as a bracelet:

And gods only know what else I can do with it. I call it a jumprope necklace, because it is nearly long enough for me to hop (if I keep my arms hanging as low as they go), and I like the style enough that I’m already working on a second one.

I had exactly four tiger’s eye pebble beads left when I finshed off the above necklace, so I pulled some pearls out of my stash and made this:


I’m a rare bracelet wearer, but I’ve been making an exception for this one. I appear to love tiger eye (and tiger iron) too much to part with it, alas. I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to list any of these in the store.

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